Just imagine, one day you took a work from home promising your boss that you would complete the work he wanted that day itself and send it to him online Or You are Just Having Good times Streaming Videos & Songs at Home & Find that all of the Sudden Internet Starts Freezing Or Seem Like Something is Sucking Up All the Internet Speed.

Most People Go By Years Not Realising they Are not Getting The Promised Internet. It’s Easy and Convenient to Put all Blame on Internet Service Providers However There are Few Tips That Could Really Help You Fix the Slow Internet Problem Without You having to call Your Service Providers & Wait for Next 24-48 Hours for Technician to Come & Check.

Before we Give You Quick Help On How to Fix Slow Internet Connection Problem Let us Help you Identify the Problem & In Order to Do So We are Going to List All Mazor Possible reason’s –

Slow Internet, Why?

many Reasons Could cause Internet Slowdown However They are Easy to Diagnose & Fix. Checkout Some of the Mazor Issues

  • How & Why to Perform Speedtest
  • Wireless Router Problem
  • BackGround Programs & Unnecessary Software
  • Secure UnProtected Network
  • BandWidth & ISP Related Issues
  • Change DNS Server
  • Remove Virus, Junks, Network Rootkits
  • Combo Trouble
  • Call internet service Provider

How & Why to Perform Speedtest-

You Officially become Your Own Network Doctor the Moment You Decided to Take the matters in your Hand & Solve the Internet Problem- Brawo, the first thing any Doctor Would do is to Perform a diagnostics so As a Network Doctor You must Know the Current Health of Your Network Speed that Why you Need to Perform a Speedtest.

Keep in Mind that all Tools and website which is available on the internet are Not Very Credible. always measure the speed of your Internet by Going to the official Internet Providers Website.

Once you have Run a Speedtest Please Note it Down and Don’t Rush to call Your Service Providers Without Reading the complete Post Because they are no Quick Help But This Post. Please read it till Last and we are Positive that it May Fix your Slow Internet Problem.

Quick Tip – Perform a Power Cycle Throughout your Entire Network system that includes your router, modem, phone, computer, Printer & Steeming Devices. Turn them Off for 2 Minutes and Turn them back on & See they Give Better Speed. Internet Can Also Slow down if the device gets Overheated.

Wireless Router Problem

Please Understand if the internet service was not working at all we would have Pointed you Directly Towards Contacting Internet Service Providers Or Maybe Some Other Troubleshooting But Since You have Slow Internet Problem Checkout Some Key Points related to Router that Could Slow down Your Intenet Speed.

here is an example for asus router login using the default IP address to access the settings.

Router Setup & Configuration – if you Router has not Been installed With Recommended Settings then you Bound to have Problems With It. Most of the Router These days Come With Speed Cap Option That lets You Decide the Speed of the communa=cation Between Various devices. if you Have Been Getting Slow Internet Speed for Quite Some time Now then Maybe Its times to Look Into the Matter & Reconfigure The Router Again With Correct Settings.

Router Model & Compatibility – It’s Crucial for Your Internet that you Keep Compatible Device. Please Log in to your Model & Router & Update the Firmware for Both Devices then Reboot them. We Recommend Buying a New Router if it’s more then 5 years old ( Its Probably Out of date ) also do the same with Your Cable Modem. Call your Internet services Provider to change the Modem if it’s Older then 3 Years.

Check Wireless Router Placement – it is known that every Series Router Or Extender has its Own Range. The Range of Most Wifi Router is typically between 30-40 meters and With Range Extenders it Goes up to 70 Meeters However if you don’t have extender then it’s Really Important to Place the Router in a Place that covers all of the Places of Your Internet Need. With Dual Band Router, You Can Point Antena of your Router Towards the Aria that Needs the Most of the Internet for Better Connectivity.

Wireless Band & channel Settings- if you have dual-band range extender then use 5.0 GHz for steeming & Gaming Purposes & use 2.4 GHz for all other Computer & Mobile Devices. After you have checked every setting in Router please Don’t forget to check the Channel Settings

Quick Fact – Your Internet Speed May vary Between devices depending On Connection Type, Location and device Configuration. for example, a computer Connected With Internet Cable Will Always has better Speed then Wirelessly connected Computer.

Pro Tip– Next Time You Buy a Router Try Gettings an Advanced Mesh Router that Fits in Pocket. These Days Most Mesh Router Comes With AI That May AutoOptimize the Network & Speed of Your Internet According to Your Need & Instruction.

How to create a mesh network in your home?

Note: We are using Google Wifi for this article, but other systems have a similar setup process.

1: After choosing the system, download its app on the phone. We are using Google Wifi app, which is available in both, android and apple.

2: After unplugging your router, connect the main node to it using the LAN(Ethernet) cable.

After reconnecting the router, power up the router and the main node.

3: You will be prompted to log in to your google account.

4: To link your account and the main node, you will be required to scan the QR code at the bottom of the node.

5: Name your new Wifi network and set up a separate Wifi password.

6: You will be asked to enter the number of nodes that will go in the network. Enter an estimated number.

7: Plug in the nodes one at a time. As each node is added, you’ll be asked which room of the house it’s located in.

8: Once all nodes are added, just go and check network speed at each corner of your house.

you can also setup range extender and optimize the settings.

BackGround Programs & Unnecessary Software

in our Long History of Helping Thousands of Internet users we have Noticed that If you have any Outdated Or Expired Software or Antivirus they may Cause Performance & Internet Slowdown Problem So Please be advised to Update the Operating system, Programs, Browsers & Antivirus Also uninstall Any Other Software That is Not Needed or Has Been Expired.

While Using Computer One Should also Open the Taskmanager And Disable Unwanted Startup Programs and service to Optimize Internet Speed further.

Secure UnProtected Network Connection –

if you using wi-fi Network system Or Mobile Hotspot connection always make sure that Your Modem and Router is Secured & Password Protected. If you have left your network Unsecure please log in to your router setup page and secure it today with a Unique Password. Because Who Doesn’t Like High-Speed Internet for Free. Don’t let Naubours and Other People steal your Internet bandwidth.

Try QoS to avoid connection saturation:

There may be multiple users of your internet in your home. When a single internet connection is shared across all the devices in our home, then it’s possible that a few devices could be saturating your internet connection, in result slowing things down for everybody else.

For example, two people in your home are streaming videos on Netflix and youtube and a third person wants to download something from BitTorrent, then it is possible that the experience of both of those video streamers may get effected.

To avoid this frequent problem, check whether your torrent has a Quality of Service (QoS) feature. This feature allows your router to automatically manage and assign how much bandwidth different devices and services receive. This feature will automatically throttle heavy applications like BitTorrent to avoid slowing down video streaming for youtube and Netflix.

How to change your router Quality of Service (QoS) settings:

Note: We are using the Netgear system for this article, but other systems have a similar setup process.

1: Log in to the router settings page by using your username and password.

2: Click on the wireless tab to change your wireless settings.

3: Find the QoS settings button. It can be found in a subcategory under the advanced network settings.

Netgear Page Qos Settings

4: then select the Setup QoS Rule button and click on it. QoS rules are customized settings which help you to prioritize on which type of traffic will be given more priority by the router. After you a lot of priority, the router will start filtering your bandwidth.

Qos Device List Example

5: Then ADD Networks which you want to prioritize. Assign different applications priority based on your needs and then press Apply. Just glance through each networks basic setup.

Qos Network Priority settings

6: After you click Apply Setting, restart your router under the General Settings.

Remove Virus, Junks, Network Rootkits

Malicious software applications which are designed to spread from one computer to another through the network are known as internet worm. These are one of the many forms of malware along with the more commonly known viruses and Trojans.

Common ways in which these worms enter your computer is through an email attachment or message which will have some form of an executable script. Once these worms enter your computer, they duplicate to produce more email messages containing their own copies.

Other things which they do is open TCP ports so that network security holes are created for other applications to enter your computer safely. They may also flood the LAN with Denial of Service (DoT) data transmissions.

A computer infected with worms or another form of malware may spontaneously create dummy network traffic without your knowledge. This would cause your internet connection to appear to be slow.

To take care of them, you should make sure that you have an active antivirus installed on your computer. Don’t buy any antivirus. See reviews and study them before investing in them. Some antivirus software applications are good in handling malware and worms whereas others are not. So do your research before you buy

Use Another DNS Server:

In some cases, reasons for a slow internet connection is that your default internet service provider’s DNS server is slow. In this case, it is a good option to switch to another DNS server. You can either change the DNS server for your entire homes network, or you can change it for your individual devices.

Here is how DNS works: When you type a web address on your browser, your computer contacts its DNS server to ask “What numerical IP address is associated with this domain name”. The DNS server replies with the numerical IP address of the form ‘198.123.321.432”. The computer sends a request to this address and then connects to it.  

To change it for your entire network, you would have to change it in the router. By default, your router uses your internet service providers default DNS server. If you change it, then each and every device in your house will be using the new DNS server. If you want to do it for an individual device, you can do it on the device itself. For windows, you can change the setting in the control panel. For MAC and mobile devices, there are different steps that need to be followed. You can easily search for these steps on the net.

How to change DNS server for Windows:

  • Open Control Panel.
  • Please Click on Network and Internet.
  • Click on Network and Sharing Center.
  • Click the Change adapter settings option
network and sharing center

  • Right-click the network interface connected to the internet, and select the Properties option
network connections

6: Select and check the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) option.

7: Click the Properties button.

network adapter Settings
  • Choose the option Use the following DNS server addresses.
  • Type your “preferred” and “alternate” DNS addresses.
DNS Server Settings

How to change DNS Setting on MAC:

  • Click on the “System Preferences” button in the settings tab.
  • Then select “Network”. Then select the network interface from the side tab. After that click advanced.
Advance Network Mac Settings
  • Click the DNS tab. The below window appears:
Change Mac computer Dns Settings

4: Click the + button to add a new DNS server.

  • To use OpenDNS, enter and
  • Enter and to use google DNS
  • Then click OK the Apply

You can use these settings if you’re using Google Public DNS, OpenDNS, or CloudFlare in Windows and Mac:

  • Google Public DNS: and
  • OpenDNS: and
  • Cloudflare: and

ComBo trouble –

we have seen many People Face who face Internet Problems have a combo device for Modem Router which is mainly provided by your internet provider. The modem is Fine However for Router We recommend to buy or get a different router. We have Seen performance & Troubleshooting issues bit More complicated in Modemcum router. Like you can’t troubleshoot the Combo device as such you can reset & troubleshoot the separate router. So we Recommend keeping the router separate would help.

Call Internet service provider:

If you have exhausted all the troubleshooting options as mentioned above, then there is a good chance that it is not an issue which you can fix on your own. Then you may call your ISP service provider to get the issue resolved.

The issue may be with the cable line running from your house to your ISP or some of the network equipment they may have. You should call them and report the problem. It is their responsibility to provide you a good service. Just be sure that the problem is at their end and not yours like the wifi signal problem.