WPS, you should have heard about it if you are using a wireless router. If you have tried connecting your printer wirelessly, you must have heard about the WPS button in the router. 

If you want to know about the working uses of WPS in detail, then this article is for you. Read it until the end and you will get all your answers.

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The full form of WPS is Wi-Fi Protected Setup. It was introduced by the WI-FI Alliance in 2006. The main goal of WPS was to provide a quick connection establishment. Wi-Fi Alliance is a nonprofit association that supports Wi-Fi technology. This company also owns a Wi-Fi trademark.

WPS is a security standard for wireless networks. It only works if the security protocol used by the router is WPA Personal or WPA2. It makes the connection between a wireless device and a router very safe because it uses the encrypted password key for connection and it is very hard for hackers to break it. 

Let’s take an example: You want to connect your smartphone to a wireless network. You will have to choose the network name and then enter the password, you can see it connected on your device. You should know the SSID and the password of the wireless network.

for example here is how you find the WPS button on Netgear router.

WPS just made the process simple and safer to use. this WPS method would come in real handy when you get errors like can’t connect to this network and other wifi connection failed errors.

Why do you need a WPS?

WPS is needed for an easy and safer connection process. Let’s talk about the WPS connection process and you will understand it more nicely. Here are some methods- 

  • You will see a WPS button on the backside of your router, press that button. Now, go to the device you want to connect to the router. You will see that the device is automatically connected to the network without a password. 
  • Some other wireless devices like printers also have WPS buttons. You can easily connect your wireless router to those wireless devices by pressing the WPS button on both devices. This process is fast and you don’t have to enter any password in the future too. WPS sends the WiFi passwords.
  • There is an eight-digit PIN that comes with every router. This method can be used without a WPS button. The other device will generate a PIN and you just have to enter this PIN in your router configuration panel. The connection will be made by this PIN.
  • Every router with WPS enabled has a PIN that is generated automatically. This PIn is not changeable and you can find it on the configuration panel of your router. Enter this PIN to the device you want to connect to and the connection will be established using this PIN.  

These are some of the methods used for establishing a connection using the WPS key. If you have a WPS button then it is very easy to establish a connection and the other two methods are also easy, you just have to enter a PIN for the connection. The process of connection by using the WPS button and by PIN is the same, there is nothing wrong with any of the methods.

Now, let’s see if your router has a WPS button or not.

Does my router have a WPS button?

Wireless routers are the devices mainly used for establishing a wireless connection. WPS support comes on mostly all-new routers. Many routers have WPS enabled by default and in some routers, it can be enabled by firmware or by using a WPS button on your router. 

– Usually, the WPS button is on the backside, with other types of ports of the router. By pressing that button you can establish a wireless connection between devices.  

– On some routers, the WPS button is sometimes shared with the Wi-Fi On/Off button. The buttons on routers are usually on the backside. If the button is shared, you will have to press and hold the button for some seconds for enabling and disabling the WPS. You can turn on/off the Wi-Fi router by pressing that button once. 

– Sometimes, you will see a button on the backside of the router with nothing written below (the function of the button). There may be symbols and this button is generally for WPS only.

– It is also possible that the button is on the front side of the router. 

That’s how you can find the WPS button on your router. It is always recommended that you should read the manual before using your router. It will be defined properly in the manual on how to use the WPS button. 

find wps pin on hp printer if you are looking for a printer WPS pin.

Operating Systems support WPS?

The most used operating system in the market provides support for WPS. Those are- 

– Windows started providing support for WPS in 2007. It was introduced in Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 too. 

– Android provides support for WPS from 2011 and after that, every android os works with WPS,

 IOS operating systems still do not support WPS.

Is WPS PIN secure?

It is said that WPS is quite vulnerable to external attacks. A hacker can brute-force the blocks of the PIN and can end up getting the PIN. Hackers usually use brute force attacks and end up getting the password in some days mostly.

Once they get the PIN, they can connect to your network easily. There are many types of research on the security of WPS, you can read them on google. you can also try to boost your wifi signal capacity using these methods.


We have tried to provide all the information about WPS like, Why do you need it? How to use it? And the Operating systems which support the WPS. Feel free to comment down below, if you have used the WPS to connect your devices to your router. Let us know if you are facing any issues regarding WPS, we will surely help you.

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