Poppit bingo is one of the popular multiplayer game in Pogo. it allows users to play unto 4 bingo cards at one, with cool power ups and trusty cactus cannon making this game more amazing. Users love this games and getting trouble with it. This cause inconvenience for players.

Today in this post we help you fix problems related to poppit bingo not working or loading so you can enjoy the uninterrupted fun.

Having trouble with pogo games is the common issue however if all other pogo games are working and one particular game is not then this is something to be curious about. when it your favorite games Poppit bingo then you must fix it immediatly

Poppit Bingo Games Known Problems

  • numbers on the card do not load
  • game freezes after or before Bingo
  • screen freezes up on the cannon screen
  • Lost internet connection problems
  • Browser is not supporting the games
  • Free Power-ups is locked

there could be other issues too but this is the most know common issue and with intensive online research, and offline on-hand experience we can say it’s all about web browser settings and technology. you can connect with the pogo support number and let them check and fix the issues for you or try the given methods below on your own.

Perform a System cleanup

use a Good cleaner tool or manually clean the junks out of system. here is what you should do –

  • Remove Browser history, cache and check for any nonfunctioning/ corrupted extension.
  • run a complete Virus scan on the system to make sure no virus or rootkits causing it to be slow.
  • check the windows firewall or antivirus to make sure the games is not being blocked. please make exceptions for pogo games.
  • Remove any pop-up blocker that blocks additional tabs required by games to pop out.

Change the Internet Browser

this is a known issue for Poppit bingo games with internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge so in case if you are having trouble with games please download google chrome and login pogo account on chrome and play the bingo poppit games.

So you Play all other games on any browser you like but enjoy the poppit bingo only on google chrome.

the issue with free power-up is regarding level so unless you are on level 3 the free power-ups will be locked.

if you are having trouble on windows 10 system then you must wanna optimize the windows computer for best performance.

Lost or Frequent internet connection

many users face issues even after they have changed the browser for the particular game. many players may not realize but usually, they have frequent disconnecting internet connection that may cause games to freeze and half load web pages.

to rectify this problem do perform a quick checkup on internet stability and see if this helps you resolve the problem.

Let’s try all of the tips given above and do let us know if this helps you resolve the Pogo Poppit games issues in quick way.