We are living in the 21st Century where the Internet has become a necessity for everybody. No matter whether we are talking about a student, a housewife or an organization running on a big scale, everybody requires the facility of the Internet.

Having access to the internet service is not enough. We can explain this! What use is the internet service of if we have to wait for hours to download a single file or document? The answer is definitely “Useless”. Therefore, it is very crucial to have access to some fast and reliable internet service.

For this, we need to search out a really good Internet service provider who can meet our specific Internet-related needs.

So, today in this article, we will be making an effort to throw some light on the top Internet Service Providers UK List. Here, we will be mentioning a total of 7 great Internet Service Providers. You can go through them in detail and choose the best internet provider for yourself.

EE Broadband

We all are aware of the Brand EE whenever we talk about the Mobile Phone Network. But apart from dealing with mobile networks, EE is also famous for offering some amazing broadband deals. Especially, when are required to select a Competitive Broadband Package, EE can prove out to be one of the best choices. No matter what package we choose for us, we are going to end up with some very competitive prices.

In some specific locations, EE is recently known to offer ultrafast “Fibre Max” services. The basic contract period is generally 18 months in the case of EE Broadband, but there is no need to worry since we can expect almost no hikes in the prices when this period comes to an end.

Another great advantage that is accompanied by this broadband is the well-designed Smart Hub Router. EE also tends to offer a great deal of extra 10GB mobile data per month for its mobile users.

Now we will be discussing in detail some of the best features of EE broadband. You definitely need to go through them if you are currently looking to opt for good broadband in the UK: you can also try to avoid internet keeps dropping issues by choosing the best service provider.

  • Speed As well as Coverage

EE broadband is known to offer some of the best speed plans when speed is our topmost priority while choosing broadband. If we ever wish to check our broadband speed, we can easily do so using their coverage and speed checker.

Now, let us have a look at the different speed plans offered by this broadband service provider:

1)Standard Internet Speed Plan which offers a speed up to 17Mbps.

2) Fibre optic cable offering a speed up to 38 or 76 Mbps.

3) Fibre Max broadbands provide a speed of 145 and 300 Mbps.

  • Customer Support Service

As per the latest report released by Ofcom, EE broadband is known to have the highest ratings with respect to customer support service. When we talk about the complaints getting registered, EE is known to have registered the least of them. And of all the complaints registered, they have handled them very effectively.

They are known to have offered the shortest wait time whenever a customer hits the call button to them. This is the reason why approximately 80% of their users have reviewed a High Level of Satisfaction when asked.

Pricing Details

When we talk about the pricing details, their regular broadband deals will generally cost a customer between £19 and £47 a month.

Final Verdict

If you are one of those customers who look for an amazing combination of decent speed as well as a value for money broadband, then you must go for this one. The only negative point I found here is the contract of minimum of 18 months.


If you are in search of a reliable as well as a trouble-free internet service provider, then you may consider this option as a great option. Although Plusnet is not a great option for a person who is looking to choose from a wide range of net services, still its highly reasonable prices, as well as consistent speeds, making it one of the best options in the UK Internet Service Provider list.

Now, let us proceed to discuss some of its unique features:

  • Speed and Coverage

Plusnet is famous for offering a reliable as well as a high-speed internet service. This has even been confirmed by its users. We can expect a speed of 17 Mbps if we select the standard broadband package. Contrary to this, this speed will increase to 38 or 76 Mbps if we tend to select the fibre cable.

  • Customer Support Service

As per the latest survey conducted by Ofcom, the customer who has been making use of the Plusnet Broadband Service has been the happiest. Along with having the happiest customer base, they also have the lowest percentage of complaints.

  • Pricing Details

If you are looking for highly affordable broadband service, then nothing can beat Plusnet’s broadband service. Let us get into the details:

  1. A plus nets standard broadband plan will be available to us under £15 per month only.
  2. However, if we tend to extend our choice to fibre-optic broadband, then it will charge us per month a cost of £20.
  3. If we choose to get the Plusnet’s Line rental internet service, then we will have to incur a cost of approximately £18.99 a month.

But one plus point for us, in this case, will be that we will be able to get a Plusnet router entirely free of cost.

  • Final Verdict

Famous for offering a reliable internet speed, an amazing customer care service as well highly affordable package, I will prefer as well as recommend to go for this broadband service.

BT Broadband

If what you are looking for, is a reliable and consistent internet service provider who along with the basic service tends to provide some other additional benefits, then you can consider BT broadband to be the perfect choice for yourself.

This type of Internet Service offered by the BT Broadband is one of the top reasons why this ISP is known to the top the List of UK Broadband Providers. Also, at the last Cable.co.uk Awards, it has been awarded the Best Business Broadband award.

As per the latest reports provided by Ofcom, the ADSL services offered by this broadband is known to have crossed the average speed which was marketed at the time of launch. Also, consistent performance has been noticed in the case of this broadband.

No doubt that when it comes to mentioning the pricing details of this broadband, we will have to incur some high costs, but in the end, this high cost will easily get justified. This is because of the additional services provided by this broadband such as Cloud storage up-to 200 GB, UK Weekend Calls entirely free of cost, free access to the Wi-Fi Hotspots all throughout the nation.

Let us start to discuss some of its unique features now:

  • Coverage and Speed

Due to the fact that BT broadband tends to cover the major part of the United Kingdom when it comes to offering Internet Services, this brand is has become famous for providing one of the best internet speeds in the UK.

When compared to any other networks or Internet Service Providers, BT broadband has always achieved much better performance and efficiency. So, in case you have had some pretty bad experiences in selecting the perfect Internet Service Provider, then you must consider making BT broadband your next choice. I am much confident that you will not get disappointed.

Additionally, whenever you tend to step out of your office for some sort of work, then you will get free access to approximately 5 million Wi-Fi hotspots that are working all through the nation.

  • Customer Support and Service

Although they stand on the Third rank when we talk about the number of complaints getting registered with them, still they have managed to achieve an average rating of 80% in Ofcom’s report in regard to customer satisfaction.

Their wait times can also be considered pretty good i.e. ranging between 1 or 2 minutes.

Although the complaints are higher in their case, the internet repairing services offered by them have proved to be highest in the industry i.e. you will get your internet fixed in an average of two days maximum.

  • Pricing Details Of BT Broadband

If we are to choose between broadband and an office phone deal, their monthly prices start from £22.90. However, if in addition to this, we wish to get a TV sports package, then we would have to incur an additional cost of £7 every month.

Final Verdict

If your specific needs can be fulfilled by broadband as well as a phone deal, then I would personally recommend you to consider the Broadband offered by BT. This is because of the fact that apart from giving an award-winning performance, they have managed to offer consistent as well as outstanding coverage to the whole of the United Kingdom.

Vodafone Broadband

Although it has not been a very long time since Vodafone started to offer its broadband services, still it has managed to receive a high level of popularity. All this is because of their ability to provide some really cheap broadband deals which are really hard-to-beat. Additionally, you may be able to manage savings on a great scale if you already are a Vodafone mobile user.

Let us now have a lookout at its distinguished features:

  • Speed as well as coverage details

Vodafone is working as one of the leading network providers in the United Kingdom. So, if we opt for their broadband services, we can definitely expect to get a good speed as well as coverage. Their claims regarding their speedy internet services have even been confirmed by their users or customers

Having done no compromise with their speeds, they tend to deal only in the superfast broadband services which offer a speed of38 or 76 Mbps.

  • Customer Support

When we talk about customer support and service, Vodafone is known to have ranked much better as compared to the other internet service providers.

How they have managed to do so is by providing their customers with a free of cost app. This app enables customers to do the following:

  1. Select when people can actually get online.
  2. Change Wi-Fi passwords with much ease.
  3. Boost the speed for some specific devices.
  • Pricing Details

Vodafone tends to offer some attractive broadband deals which start from £20 a month. This is the reason why it has been reviewed excellently by 3/4th of its customer base.

  • Final Verdict

I give it a thumbs up. This is because of the reason that along with getting some great speeds we will have to pay some very nominal charges. Also, the fact cannot be denied that they have managed o make their customers super happy!

Virgin Media Broadband

In reference to the broadband services being offered in the United Kingdom, the Virgin Media Broadband can be considered as one of the most reliable as well as the fastest broadbands. Another plus point of this broadband is that they tend to offer the customer with some really flexible and affordable package options and that too without needing a phone line.

  • Speed & Coverage

As per the reports released by Ofcom, Virgin Media Broadband is the only broadband that has managed to maintain an above-average speed performance.

With the help of their high-tech cables, they are able to provide their customers with some super-fast lightning speeds. So, if we opt for this broadband service, we can easily expect to get 99% speed reliability.

We can choose from the different speed plans available like 50, 100, 200 or 300Mbps. They have recently released a plan which offers a speed of 350Mbps.

The only downside in regards to their coverage is that currently, their coverage is only limited to just half of the United Kingdom. So, in case you are lucky to reside in that area, where they have coverage, then nothing can be better than this option.

  • Customer Service

Ofcom is known to back up the heavenly customer service and support provided by the Virgin Media Broadband Service Provider. Also, as reviewed by their customers, they tend to recommend it further to their near and dear ones.

  • Pricing

Their monthly plans start from £29 which is considered to be a bit on the higher side when we talk about the prices.

If you wish to opt for affordable broadband which enables you to make some great savings with respect to the internet services, then we will certainly not recommend this broadband to you. The reason behind this is that their starting prices are quite high and they don’t deal in offering the standard broadband packages at a low rate.

But if you being a small business owner, are in search of some speedy as well as reliable broadband service provider, then the prices offered by Virgin Media may prove to be highly competitive for you.

Additionally, not dependent on BT’s phone line, Virgin Media is considered to be one of the excellent options for those people who are looking for broadband-only deals. But as a matter of fact, you may have to pay even less than this if you opt for a combination of broadband as well as a phone bundle.

Talking about the contracts they provide a 30-day rolling contract as well as a 12-month contract. The choice is entirely ours which one to choose.

  • Final Verdict

As already clear from the above pricing details, we will recommend this Broadband service provider to the small business owners who are looking for some great and reliable speeds. But contrary to this, we will not recommend this to anyone who is thinking of making any savings with respect to the ISPs.

Zen Internet Service

Zen is one of the most famous Internet Service providers in the United Kingdom. They are great when it comes to customer service, but the same cannot be said for their price ranges. Both of these points will be discussed in detail below:

  • Coverage & Speed

Zen’s standard ADSL broadband service is known for offering a download speed of up to 17Mbps which is considered as pretty good. Almost 99% of the total population of the United Kingdom can benefit from this broadband service of Zen. Additionally, if the user chooses to opt for fibre broadband, he/she can easily expect to receive a download speed of 38or 76 Mbps, depending on the contract you choose.

  • Customer Support

Although Zen Internet Service has not been covered by the survey conducted by Ofcom, still it has managed to fetch some of the top customer reviews on Trustpilot. As per Zen, the broadband service is highly admired by its users.

  • Internet Pricing Details

Zen’s monthly internet plans start from the range of £15.40. Though appearing to be cheap, this, in the end, will not prove to be competitive for the small business owners since their main need is that of fast as well as reliable fibre broadband.

But talking about their broadband packages, Zen has some really cool as well as flexible deals to offer. For example, if you already have access to a mobile running on some other network, then you have the option to opt for their broadband-only package. Additionally, you have also got the option to sign up for their standard internet speeds as well as a 1-month contract.

  • Final Verdict

If all that you are looking for is a stress-free broadband service that offers good speed as well as great customer service, then Zen may prove to be the best option for you. However, if you want value for money instead of great customer service, then we would highly recommend you to consider some other broadband service providers like the above mentioned by us.

in you have a problem with the internet sometimes it can be your router too. in the case of the Netgear router do contact Netgear customer service for help.

Skyline Broadband

Attractive prices, as well as consistent performance, is the core essence of the Skyline Broadband. Though a wide range of broadband packages will not be offered to the customers by this broadband service provider, still, it manages to suit the majority of the needs of the users with the help of its three tiers.

However, anyone who is looking out for an internet service provider offering an ultra-fast speed will be greatly disappointed by the Skyline Broadband.

Skyline is known for offering an amazing as well as an unbeatable price for the 63Mbits/sec fibre. This directly reflects the attractive pricing deals offered by Skyline.

As per the report of Ofcom, Skyline has shown an excellent performance in regards to what was actually advertised by it about their speeds. Also, with respect to customer service, Sky has ranked 2nd after Plusnet.

The negative points associated with the broadband service of Skyline are as follows:

  1. 18 months contract is to be opted for.
  2. As prices readily shoot up at the end of the month, so we have to keep a careful eye on our calendar.

We have made our full efforts and have managed to provide an extensive as well as an in-depth review on the List of broadband providers in the United Kingdom.

We advise you to bookmark this list and make full use of it whenever you are considering opting for a new broadband service provider or changing your existing internet service provider. All you need to do is to open the bookmark and go through all the internet service providers mentioned in this list and then make your final selection keeping in mind the features offered by each of them as well as your specific needs.

Also, any suggestions are welcome, if you have some other better names to be included in the list.